Medical Services in Zagreb

Medical Services

Private healthcare services in Zagreb are at the highest, European level. Medical faculties in Zagreb are traditionally in good voice because they come out with them doctors who later through practice and additional education in the environment of high standards of Western medicine come to the top experts of their specialty. Zagreb doctors are regular participants in congresses and other forms of training, as well as respected members of world and European associations, which confirms their high expertise in various fields of medicine. There are numerous doctors trained in Zagreb who have built up your career and success in your country.

Polyclinic LabPlus, Zagreb
Diagnostics 2000 - Clinic of Radiology and Neurology - Zagreb
Polyclinic Imunomed
Polyclinic Sveti Luka, Zagreb
Polyclinic Pintarić, Zagreb
Polyclinic "Dr. Zora Profozić"

The private healthcare and outpatient clinics in Zagreb are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology as well as surgical equipment for performing surgical procedures. While guest tourism staff receives traditional hospitality, doctors and medical staff are being treated with care to keep moments in the environment of medical institutions flow in the most enjoyable way.