The medical tourism sector is growing exponentially in Croatia and is a successful formula for treatment at a great price, while on holiday.

What does Croatia offer on a purely health related front?

“Quality, versatility, and professionalism.

Our doctors are highly specialized, many have had experience abroad, they are members of prestigious international medical associations and their professionalism is based on continual training and keeping up to date. Private medical institutions and hospitals in Zagreb are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and surgical equipment.

Recently, many people from other countries have chosen Zagreb for dental, aesthetic and sports medicine or for orthopedic surgeries and rehabilitation attracted by the great value for money treatment.

However, this is not the only advantage: thanks to the world of mouth, the word was spread that health card in Zagreb has become a synonym for excellence in all areas.

Croatia is increasingly perceived as a tourist destination that everyone can afford, able to combine beautiful, welcoming tourist areas with top quality medical care.  Here you can experience unique emotions, find pleasure in comfortable hotels and apartments and get carefully personalized patient service. Our patients can return home healthier and full of unforgettable memories.